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Access Control Security Services

Access control systems offer many benefits for building security. Primarily they are an automatic door lock system with add-on functions that tailor the system to your business’ access security needs. The system is scalable from one door to a thousand. An access control system goes beyond just doors. They help to partition a building so that tenants can access their space but not everyone’s space. They also keep employees where they belong and make it easy to partition an office. In the age of COVID-19, add on features can even recognize facemasks. They are set up to work on a variety of levels, from keycards to biometric scanning. If door access is something your company needs, All-Tech Communications trusted access control services could be right for you. Contact us for more information and a personalized quote for your business. 

Secure Building Access

Access control units are a powerful tool for ensuring tenant and employee safety. The access control technology for 2020 is sophisticated. Not only are doors secure, but also with add-on technology, facemasks, and other biometrics come into play. The basics include access safeguards that control door access to a building or a suite within the building. The basic system works through automatic locking systems that release when a keycard is presented to the reader. More sophisticated technology means more accurate identification. Anyone can hold a keycard, and the door sensor only verifies that you have the correct keycard. Biometric scanning changes that. From fingerprint scans to vocal scans, to retinal scans, a sophisticated access control system recognizes each person, not just a keycard. That level of technology makes it easy to partition buildings so that employees and guest movements are restricted geographically within the building. 

Restrictions can mean that only top management has access to the parking garage or that individual employees do not have access to sensitive data areas. It becomes much easier to track the movement of employees too. These levels of security are ensuring data and data access security. 

Building Security Access Control Systems 

  • Door access by time – The door automatically opens at a predetermined time. 
  • Door access by authorization – The door opens when credentialing is met. – Keyfob, ID card, bio-scanning, etc. 
  • Restricted access to highly sensitive areas
  • Data access and data security – partitioned employee access limits entry to data and physical environments while ensuring employee safety. 
  • Blocks unauthorized access 
  • Scalable to fit your growing business 
  • Tailored to fit your current business needs. 
  • Updated to meet the demands of 2020.

COVID-19 Technology

2020’s been a rockslide of a year. The newest access security software can detect body temperatures and facemasks. It can also help track people within geographic areas – such as a suite in a building. That technology helps determine whose been in contact if someone gets sick. 

Hybrid Working Solutions

When your workforce works from home part of the time and is in the office part-time, you need technology to handle that level of access control. We help your company manage the workflow of its workforce. We make it easy to update, change, or enhance employee access and restrictions. 

Are Access Control Solutions Right for Your Business? 

A plus is an easy installation for new buildings or to retrofit existing offices. The access control system is both physical and electronic, so it is easy to tailor the system to fit your business needs rather than making your business fit the way the access system works. Here’s a little more detail on the nuts and bolts. 

  • PoE – Power over Ethernet is the “power” behind the physical workings of access control. 
  • Capable of motion detection
  • Functions during network downtimes with power to the controller. 
  • Perfect for multiple credential access
  • Generally fits older-style door boxes for easy retrofitting. 
  • The door lock, open, and exit commands are powered via the controller. 
  • REX technology onboard – Request for Exit
  • Perfect for single or double-door use.
  • Pairs with security systems and fire alarm systems
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption: 
  • Pairs with video surveillance systems 

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