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Structured Cabling Installation and Repair


Offering Structured Cable Solutions to keep business networks running smoothly.

When you have well-thought-out structured Data Network Cabling, your space looks professional and is more efficient. You will save time and money on maintenance since structured wiring streamlines the processes and brings clarity to your environment. Rather than end up in a web of wiring, we can help organize your phone cabling, network cables, voice data wiring, fiber cable, and paging systems into a structured layout.

Our solutions are guaranteed to organize your infrastructure in a way that accommodates future hardware. We serve the Southeastern Ontario area, helping businesses find solutions that keep their offices working at top speed through structured wiring solutions.


Businesses Benefit from Multi-Factor Structured Cabling Solutions

Your workstations, conference rooms, cubicles and offices rely on wiring for speed and efficiency.

As your system needs increase and complicated machinery is interconnected for high-speed communication, point-to-point cabling is impossible. This jumbled mess leads to accidental unplugs and safety hazards. To boost your speed and improve your bandwidth, companies of all sizes are pursuing structured cabling systems.

All-Tech Communications can help your small- to large-sized Ontario business with your cabling needs.

With a solution that organizes your system, we will establish cabling that grows as you do—not limiting your system capabilities. Our services aren’t just limited to the cables in the data center. We will help you with solutions that might include racks, hardware ports, network cabinets and running cables through specific areas.

  • Entrance Wiring: Your premises’ wiring entrance, your cables begin where the telephone company’s end.
  • Equipment Rooms: Areas that consolidate running equipment, like computer systems rooms and data centres.
  • Horizontal Cabling:  Running throughout various rooms to outlets or other equipment.
  • Backbone Cabling: The primary building cable connections.
  • Telecommunications Rooms: A hub area for connecting backbone cabling and horizontal cabling.
  • Work Area Components: Areas where horizontal cabling connects to end-users.

As a professional team, our cabling experts will be able to consider the various aspects of your environment and potential issues within your space that could pose challenges to your systems. We can help you layout plans and design your system, or revamp an old system that is inefficient or outdated. This includes considering how heat, cooling, dehumidifying, and airflow need to be included to keep your systems safe. As your data cabling company, we will help you come up with a customized plan to fit your space and systems.


Data Wiring Systems that look good and protect your systems.

Structured Wiring services can be for brand new spaces, renovations, upgrades and more. A fresh, new cabling infrastructure can be used to solve poor connection issues and improve speeds and your overall network.

A highly functioning structured cabling system will provide your environment with:

  • Clean and organized appearance, gathering all wires into gathered bunches and fastened together or to walls/floors.
  • Reduced space hazards, removing singular wires and loose cables that could present tripping hazards.
  • Better maintenance and troubleshooting, color coding cables to make service calls faster.
  • Easier adjustments, supplying a detailed visual guide that clarifies your wiring/cabling setup.
  • Minimalistic approach, labeling all wires and connections in the wiring closet to keep things tidy and free of unnecessary cables.
  • Longer-lasting systems, reducing the crimping and damage that can happen to unorganized cables that lead to speed or connectivity issues.

These installation services can be used for brand new buildings, build-to-suit renovations for new businesses in existing buildings, and upgrades in both IT and Security systems.


One-stop shop for Southeastern Ontario cabling structure needs.

Our cabling services are delivered by a team of highly experienced professionals. You can count on All-Tech Communications for your office wiring needs. Our full range of structured cabling services will provide robust solutions for your office.

We offer key cabling services, including:

  • Cabling Installation
  • Cable Routing
  • Switch Patching
  • Wiring Cabinets
  • Data Cables
  • Cable Trays, Ladder Racks, and Vertical Management Systems
  • Wire Molds
  • Raceways, Inner Ducts and Conduits
  • Fiber Termination
  • Cable Removal and Clean-up
  • Office Relocation Cabling
  • Phone/Voice Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Runs
  • Server Room Design

Our cabling installation includes: 

  • SM
  • MM
  • 0M4 Fiber
  • 10Gig Cat 5e
  • Cat6a
  • Cat 6e
  • CAT6
  • CAT 7
  • VGA

We cover a range of Wireless networks, helping you with single-point access to multi-channel products. We can help you combine WAP products with cabling for a system that is organized and cohesive.

  • Enterprise WiFi
  • Signal Enhancement, Boost, Repeaters
  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • CCTV
  • Paging


We Help You Improve Your Office Efficiency

Some of our clients have been in one location for over a decade and desperately need updated wiring structures to serve their modern hardware systems. Other clients are startups that need to begin building out their systems and setting up additional drops to handle growth. Whatever your needs, we can help you update or establish layouts and use superior cabling equipment for top results. Take control of your wiring infrastructure with help from All-Tech Communications.

To get help for your business and learn more about our options, contact us today! We will discuss the challenges and goals of your company to design the wiring structure that will work best for you.

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